3308 Eats & Drinks is a prime spot for those tried-and-true gastropub dishes,

but we treat each one as an opportunity to surprise and delight.

(Like wearing a guayabera with your favorite skinny jeans.)


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The vibe at 3308 Eats & Drinks
Cozy? You bet.. Fun? Done. Delicious food and stellar service? Check and check. An inviting space that’s both leveled-up and laid-back? If that’s what you were looking for in your go-to hang, that’s what we’re going for, here.

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ChefFrank Maldonado

Ultimate dining experience

While growing up, Chef Frank Maldonado he spent holidays and summers peeling shrimp and shucking oysters at a family-owned restaurant in his native San Juan, Puerto Rico. His passion for food led him to open his own place at the tender age of 19. With an equal hunger for knowledge, Maldonado left to study culinary arts at the Disney Institute, followed by the Escuela Hotelera de San Juan. Maldonado moved to New York in 2007, and became Executive Chef at Sazón and Sofrito. Three years later he opened Sol y Sombra on the Upper West Side. Chef Frank’s mission is to bring his authentic culinary self to every dish he creates.